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name: Jess
age: 15
location: tx
promote in 2 places and post links: ill post them in a bit
why do u like the movie thirteen?: it reminds me of me and my best friends so much. Like we did alot of the same shit they did last summer...its crazy
how many times have u seen it?: 50 or so...maybe more
what was your favorite part?: i honestly dont have a favorite part..i love the whole movie in its entirety
what were tracy and evie inhaling at the beginning of the movie? shit...omg i cant remember..it was in a red and white can i can tell you that much
what is the first line of tracy's poem?: the man was crippled
who does evie live with?: Brooke
what does tracy call luke?: lifeguard boy
what are noelle and tracy's fave kind of pizza?: cheese i do believe

the itsy bitsy _spider_____ dropped _acid___ at the park:
mothers lock up your _daughter?___:
move your g-string down _(i wanna say...)and shake it all around____:
if u drink _8_ glasses of ice water a day u will burn _300__ calories:

god, are you jacking off in there? tracy to mason
you are my girl. remember that. i love you. evie to tracy
your lucky we got it before the cops did. mel i do believe
I didnt kno it went that far. o god! mel

i did a shitty job on that...
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